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Thermoplastic Membranes - Accesssories

Sion FS Clad Metal

Sion FS Clad Metal is made up of 24 gauge G-90 galvanized steel laminated with a 25 mil thick sheet of non-reinforced Sion Elvaloy® KEE Sheet.


  • Heat weldable surface.
  • Provides a bondable, clean base for the Sion membrane flashing system.
  • Highly reflective, white reflective surface.
  • Tough, durable system.

Sion Inside & Outside Prefab Corners

Sion Prefabricated Corners are designed to accommodate approximately 90º corners. Extra thickness combined with excellent weathering and performance characteristics of the Elvaloy® KEE enhances weather resistance and performance at a most critical point of the roof.


  • Excellent weatherability providing longterm performance.
  • Tough, durable component.
  • Heat welded bonded for security at a critical point of the roof.

Sion Preformed Pipe Boot-Split Pipe Boot

Sion Preformed Pipe Boots are prefabricated for quick and easy flashing installations. The preformed boot can be cut to fit various dimensions 1" to 4½ " in diameter. Sion Preformed Boots are white, a nominal .125" thick and 7 " high. Sion Split Pipe Boot is produced from 45 mil thick Sion flashing membrane. The prefabricated boot was specifically designed for installation in areas where access to the top of the pipe penetration is limited.


  • Effectively seals difficult projections.
  • Heat welded seal.
  • Adaptable to size variations.
  • Long-term weathering.
  • Made using Elvaloy® KEE.

Sion Walk Tred

SION Walk Tred, made from Elvaloy® KEE, is designed to be used as a traffic-bearing rooftop walkway on SR Products SION Roofing System. It can also be used as a protection layer around rooftop equipment to protect the SION Roofing membrane from damage.


  • Traffic bearing surface provides excellent skid resistance.
  • Low profile does not disrupt roof drainage.
  • Gray color of pad highlights traffic and maintenance areas.