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Repair Materials - Thermoplastic Mastics

Wite Brite® Cement

Wite Brite® Cement is a multi purpose water-base reflective cement for all flashing and membrane repairs required before the application of the Wite Brite® Coating system. It is a uniquely prepared custom blend of 100% acrylic latex rubber, titanium dioxide and mineral stabilizers.


  • Cold applied.
  • Cures to a tough protective flexible barrier designed for horizontal and vertical application, it will not sag or slump.
  • Ultra violet and chemical resistance.
  • Non-asbestos formula.

Wite Brite® Hi Bild Flashing

Wite Brite® Hi Bild Flashing is a high quality, solvent-based formula that provides a seamless, fully adhered, cold applied elastomeric membrane wherever it is applied.


  • Cold applied by brush or trowel.
  • Cures to a very tough barrier.
  • Fully adhered seamless flashing system.
  • Resists fatigue failure at the most critical point of the roof.

SuperiorFlex® Pitch Poxy Kit

SuperiorFlex® Pitch Poxy Kit is a two-component, polymer enriched, sealer. A superior blend of refined epoxies, coal tar, selected diluents and tackifiying resins blended in proper proportions to yield a high performance pitch pocket sealant.


  • Exceptional strength.
  • Resists bond failures associated with thermal shock and movement.
  • Non-shrinking.
  • Cold applied.