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Repair Materials - Repair Membranes

SR Poly Plus 40 II

SR Poly Plus 40 II stitchbonded polyester is one of the strongest materials available to the roofing industry for use as reinforcement in cold-process roofing. Stitchbonding offers an unusual combination of high-strength properties with good elongation for excellent thermal stress force accommodations. SR Poly Plus 40 II is a soft polyester that will readily conform to standing seam metal roof decks. It is also much easier to handle and apply properly than other soft polyester sheets.

Wite Brite® Repair Kit

The Wite Brite® Repair Kit contains the necessary items to properly install the Wite Brite®/Poly/Wite Brite® coating system as a repair solution. The kit contains: one 2 gallon pail of Wite Brite® Elastomeric Coating; one quart of Wite Brite® Primer; one quart of SR Surface Cleaner; forty square feet of SR Poly Plus 40; a scrub brush; paint brushes and 6” roller.

A notable feature of the kit is that it can be used on all the various roof surfaces and contains the necessary materials to install an area of about 40 square feet. Wite Brite® Elastomeric Coating, the key component of the kit, is a 100% acrylic modified, water–based, reflective coating. When reinforced with SR Poly Plus 40 in a multi-coat system, the result is a high quality, weather resistant application.


  • Convenient, ready to apply materials and tools.
  • Excellent reflectivity.
  • Non asbestos formula.
  • VOC Compliant.
  • Elastomeric properties.
  • Repairs any roof surface except gravel.