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Repair Materials - Asphalt and Urethane Mastics

Detail Mastic SF

Detail Mastic SF is a cold-applied, solvent-free, asphalt/urethane trowel grade mastic designed to adhere end laps on granule surfaced, self-adhered, modified bitumen membranes, and as a flashing mastic. Detail Mastic SF meets VOC requirements in all jurisdictions, and is ideal for projects sensitive to solvent odor. The unique chemistry provides faster cure time and increased bonding strength compared to standard cold-applied, solvent-based products.


  • Solvent-free.
  • Asbestos-free.
  • Excellent adhesion to granule surfaced modified bitumen sheets.
  • Moisture-cure.
  • Rapid set.
  • Low odor.
  • Superior waterproofing.

HK ARM–Aluminum

HK ARM–Aluminum is a cold-applied, multi-purpose waterproofing mastic formulated with premium grade aluminum that provides a reflective finish. It is ideal for use as a repair cement on asphalt roof systems and flashings — eliminating the additional labor necessary to aluminize standard roof cements.


  • Repairs and aluminizes in a single step.
  • Provides time and money savings by eliminating additional aluminizing step.
  • Excellent adhesion provides tight, long-lasting protective seal.
  • Stays soft and pliable in all types of weather.
  • Bright aluminum finish protects repairs from damaging effects of UV.

Pitch Pan Sealer

Pitch Pan Sealer is a pourable, elastomeric, one-component, coal tar urethane sealant. It is designed for use in horizontal self-leveling, sealing and waterproofing applications.


  • Provides excellent resistance to water, UV and vapor penetration.
  • Cures to a tough rubber with excellent low temperature characteristics, elasticity and adhesion.
  • Resists deterioration caused by weather, joint movement, water and ice.
  • Self-leveling – fills and penetrates cracks with urethane rubber.
  • Thermosetting – no plastic flow or creep at elevated temperatures.
  • Complies with all current VOC regulations.
  • Asbestos-free.
  • Rapid cure time.

RMA Elastic

RMA Elastic is a non-asbestos, modified, asphalt-based mastic for repairing a wide variety of roofing problems. The resilient formulation is designed expressly for repairs on roof systems and components such as pitch pans. It is easily applied directly from the container.


  • Good adhesion to clean damp surfaces.
  • Easily troweled in cold weather.
  • Medium body with non-sag characteristics.
  • Polymer modified to provide good elongation and cold weather performance.

RMA Mastic

An asphalt-based mastic, formulated with specially refined asphalt, and carefully selected non-asbestos reinforcements to provide excellent pliability. Winter grade formula will be provided each fall and winter season in the appropriate regions.

RMA Mastic is designed for repairs on asphalt roof systems and on components such as flashings. It is easily applied directly from the container to maintain and repair flashings and reinforce seams, as well as seal breaks or blisters in the roof membrane.


  • Contains no asbestos.
  • Good adhesion to clean surfaces.
  • Medium body with good non-sag characteristics.
  • Meets or exceeds ASTM D 4586, Type I requirements.

SuperiorFlex® Emergency Patch Cement II

SuperiorFlex® Emergency Patch Cement II is a fibrated solvent-based asphalt mastic, available in a trowel grade, which can be used under an extreme range of weather and temperature conditions. Its unique chemical additives allow successful application even on wet surfaces. Existing leaks can be repaired at any time, regardless of the weather or temperature. SuperiorFlex® Emergency Patch Cement II does not require a dry surface.


  • Elongation exceeds 100%
  • Can be applied in water and while raining.