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Primers - Water Based Primers

CryLastic Primer 7000

CryLastic Primer 7000 is a durable, high quality, exterior latex primer formulated with acrylic polymer emulsions to provide a blister and stain resistant, fast drying primer for CryLastic. CryLastic Primer 7000 is solvent free.


  • Provides excellent adhesion where traditional coating and paints would normally fail.
  • Provides longer performance life by reducing potential for blistering, peeling or crazing.
  • Asbestos and solvent free.

SR Surface Cleaner

SR Surface Cleaner is a highly effective cleaning agent that, when combined with water, penetrates the existing coating or substrate and allows contaminants to be flushed from the surface. Formulated with penetrates from wetting agents and surfactants found in certain organic compounds, SR Surface Cleaner performs at a very high level, with cleaning and pore penetrating capabilities far exceeding most products available today. SR Surface Cleaner is non-toxic and leaves no pollutants or contaminating by-products to damage the environment.


  • One-component material.
  • Complies with all VOC regulations.
  • Solvent-free, 100% biodegradable.
  • Removes dirt and pollutants and other contaminates that are built up even if the product dries before rinsing.
  • Non-toxic leaves no pollutants or contaminates to damage the environment or local vegetation.

Wite-Brite® Primer

Wite Brite® Primer is a blend of high-performance acrylic latex polymers which when cured creates a substrate that provides improved adhesion of the specified Wite Brite® coatings or cements. Wite Brite® Primer is zinc enriched and can also be used as a rust inhibitor over metal decking.


  • Cold-applied by brush, roller or spray.
  • Enhances adhesion of the Wite-Brite® system.