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Denton, TX

Roof System: Asphalt Built Up Roof System
Area: 16,000 sq. ft.
Denton, TX

Project Scope of Work:

  • Conduct a thorough roof analysis of the existing roof system with the owner's representative to determine the condition of the existing roof system and an appropriate course of action that meets with the client's needs.
  • Remove existing roof system to the existing concrete deck.
  • Installed two new layers of insulation and a fully adhered base sheet in hot asphalt.
  • Installed multiple plies of asphalt coated glass membrane all adhered in hot asphalt.
  • Flooded the membrane in a cold high performance polymer modified coal tar coating and embedded a white reflective gravel.
  • Installed multiple plies of base flashing covered in a high tensile modified bitumen mineral surfaced cap sheet all adhered in hot asphalt with new wood blocking and a custom coping system.

Project Intent:

  • After the thorough analysis it was discovered that two roof systems were in place and the existing insulation systems was completely wet. The building code requires a complete roof replacement to the existing deck.
  • The building is a simplified example of the Beaux-Arts movement from the first half of the last century. As in many cases, this building has decorative stone work near the roof line that needed to cleaned, re-pointed and sealed with a clear masonry sealant. The deteriorated masonry may have been contributing to the roof failure.
  • The existing coping was manufactured from cast concrete instead of cut stone. The concrete coping and mortar joints were severely deteriorated from weather and past repairs. The owner decided to encapsulate the concrete coping with prefabricated custom manufactured metal coping.