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Wilkes Barre, PA

Roof System: Modified Bitumen Membrane with White Roof Coating System
Area: 64,200 sq. ft.
Wilkes Barre

Project Scope of Work:

  • Conduct a thorough roof analysis of the existing roof systems (2) with the owner's representative to determine the condition of the existing roof systems and an appropriate course of action that meets with the client's needs.
  • Remove existing roof systems to the existing steel deck and repair any damage.
  • Install new tapered thermal insulation and gypsum cover board all adhered in cold adhesive. Installed 2 plies of a 3.5 mil polyester reinforced APP modified membrane with a 4 mil APP modified mineral membrane all heat applied.
  • Installed 2 coats of a high performance white roof coating over mineral cap sheet.
  • Installed three plies of base flashing covered in a high performance aluminum reflective cladding, heat adhered.
  • Installed new field formed edge metal system.

Project Intent:

  • The funding for this project was provided by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The act requires that the roof Insulation "R-value" being specified to be a minimum of a R-50 and have a reflective, Energy Star Rated Roof Coating. The increase of roof insulation and reflective white roof coating will lower the energy demands and therefore the cost to operate the facility.
  • With a child care located in the facility we needed to be sensitive to the type of roofing system being specified. A cold adhered insulation package and a heat system was picked to minimize odors and noise associated with roofing projects and to eliminate the need for a kettle containing hot bitumen being located at the ground level.