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Cleveland, OH

Roof System: Replacement Modified BUR System
Area: 47,000 sq. ft.

Project Scope of Work:

  • Conduct non-destructive infrared scan roof examination to determine overall condition of light-weight concrete deck.
  • Remove existing roof membrane and all damaged light-weight concrete. Replace all damaged light-weight concrete.
  • Mechanically attach high performance polyester reinforced base sheet over roof area. Install 3 ply configuration of Type VI fiberglass reinforced ply sheets in hot modified asphalt.
  • Install flood and gravel flood coat using cold applied modified coatings, formulated to withstand ponding water.
  • Install 3 ply base flashing system consisting of 2 ply Type VI, fiberglass reinforced ply sheets and a 4 mil modified bitumen membrane with mineral surface.
  • Install specifically designed coping cap.
  • Issue 20 year NDL Warranty.

Project Intent:

  • This roof membrane had been leaking for many years and there was a concern that the light-weight concrete deck was damaged.
  • The wall design is precast concrete with deteriorated sealant joints between the panels. A field fabricated coping was in install to cover and seal the problem.
  • RTA wanted to install a high performance system that would protect their assets over the critical garage area and provide them with a 20 year NDL Warranty.