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Lancaster, PA

Roof System: Asphalt Built Up Roof System
Area: 4,400 sq. ft.
Lancaster, PA

Project Scope of Work:

  • Conduct a thorough roof analysis of the existing roof system with the owner's representative to determine the condition of the existing roof system and an appropriate course of action that meets with the client's needs.
  • Remove existing roof system to the existing steel deck and repair any damage.
  • Install new mechanically attached thermal insulation and adhered cover board in hot asphalt adhesive. Installed four plies of a glass reinforced asphalt coat membrane all adhered in hot asphalt adhesive.
  • Install high performance asphalt adhesive and gravel.
  • Installed three ply of base flashing covered in a high performance reflective coating adhered in hot asphalt.
  • Installed new field formed fascia system.

Project Intent:

  • The existing roof system had exceeded its service life and was showing signs of deterioration due to blistering of membrane, random splitting and had several leaks.
  • The plant engineer decided a high performance roof system that would hold up under heavy foot traffic from ongoing maintenance of roof top equipment and access to other sections of the building.
  • The engineer also wanted a robust and repetitive system with a 20 year NDL warranty. So a heavy duty polyester base sheet with three plies of fiberglass reinforced Type VI asphalt felt covered in gravel all adhered in hot asphalt was specified for a long service life.