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Washington, DC

Roof System: Cold Asphalt Built Up Roof System
Area: 34,900 sq. ft.
Washington, DC

Project Scope of Work:

  • Conduct a thorough roof analysis of the existing roof system with the owner's representative to determine the condition of the existing roof system and an appropriate course of action that meets with the client's needs.
  • Remove existing roof system to the existing steel deck and replace damaged decking.
  • Install new mechanically attached thermal insulation and adhered cover board in cold adhesive. Installed four plies of a base sheet all adhered in cold asphalt adhesive.
  • Installed the gravel in cold asphalt adhesive.
  • Installed one ply of base flashing covered in a high performance modified bitumen mineral surfaced cap sheet all heat welded.
  • Installed new field formed fascia system.

Project Intent:

  • The roof has had severe leaks over the years that disrupted their daily operation and damage to expensive electronic equipment and inventory used for broadcasting their shows.
  • We found that one of the major issues after surveying the roof, was the membrane at the gutter edge had failed. The insulation had become saturated over time compressing and causing a ponding condition here and in several other areas throughout the roof. Another issue was severe corroding of the edge metal and failure of the sealant at the splice plates; a high performance factory fabricated fascia system was specified to eliminate this issue in the future.
  • After discussing the different roof system options with the owners representative, there was a concern of odors entering into the building, and using hot asphalt in the public areas around the building therefore we recommended a cold adhesive roof system. This location highly visible to the public is used for broadcasting so it was an important concern to the owner that the project be very clean and organized.
  • During the project, there were several sensitive areas that need to be protected during the demolition phase. The contactor used protective covers and other means to protect these areas.
  • Overall the project went very well and the client was very happy. At the conclusion of the project, the client had a pig roast on site inviting everyone involved with this project.