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Flashing and Edge Termination Metals - Wall Panels

Storm Defender Wall Panel 10 System

A vertically installed, concealed fastener design wall panel system. This product assembly offers a smooth aesthetic panel for a contemporary wall surface. The wall panel system consists of wall panels and trim closures to fit most parapet wall conditions.


  • Provides long term protection at the critical areas of the roof assembly – the building parapet walls.
  • Free floating panel that handles more thermal expansion and contraction forces.
  • Panel locks securely to each other; no leaks or maintenance.
  • Can be warranted as part of the entire roof system.
  • No sealant at the joints, the failure point of most metal panels. Panel water tightness is not dependent on the use of sealant at critical seams.
  • All fasteners are concealed, eliminating these potential leak points.
  • Warranties are available for all metal products.
  • Panels are formed away for the mounting surface to allow free air movement between the panel and parapet wall. The air movement allows the parapets to “breathe”, therefore minimizing deterioration due to moisture.