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Flashing and Edge Termination Metals - Copings

Storm Defender Coping 100

A three-part coping assembly designed to fit most parapet wall conditions. Designed to secure the roof membrane in high wind conditions. The coping system consists of galvanized steel cleats, concealed splice plates, exterior coping cover and concealed corrosion resistant fasteners.


  • Secures the edge of the roof membrane and top of wall from moisture entry.
  • Snap on/free floating cover design that allows for the most thermal expansion and contraction forces that create oil canning of cover.
  • Concealed corrosion resistance factory supplied fasteners.
  • Tested for wind uplift resistance by Factory Mutual Research Corporations per FM Standard 4435 and ANSI/SPRI ES-1.*
  • Wide concealed splice plates with “duel” non-curling isorcryl butyl sealant strips allows for thermal movement of materials and provides a watertight seal at all the joints.
  • Factory-fabricated miters, scuppers and drainage accessories provide a cleaner, more aesthetically pleasing appearance and eliminate field fabrication for time and labor savings.
  • Products designed to be heavy-duty, commercial quality to ensure water control under the most difficult conditions.

* Reference specific product date for approvals.